Trauma & Tension Releasing Exercises


Would you like to feel fully healthy & alive?



You long for inner peace and calm


You regularly feel tired, stressed, perhaps even overwhelmed or simply “stuck” in life 


You just can’t get a good nights sleep, your thoughts and worries keep racing through your head at night


You’d love to feel more comfortable with your emotions, your body and to develop resilience in the face of stress


You’re burning the candle at both ends, perhaps you have experienced burn-out


You don’t know what to do about recurring health issues and bodily pains that doctors and therapists can’t seem to help with


You want to learn how to release tension and trauma effectively and independently, but you don’t necessarily want to talk about your story and problems


You want a method to release stress that doesn’t take up lots of time, something you could do in 15 minutes 



Experience what it’s like when your body is able to

discharge tension & stress in the way it was designed to.

TRE® is a set of simple, easy exercises that were created by Dr. David Berceli, and designed to help your body release tension and stress naturally. This process happens through a natural reflex, of shaking or vibration in the muscles of the body, which calms the nervous system.

All mammals have an innate, biological instinct to tremor in order to discharge stress. But as humans we have learnt to suppress this instinct. As we grow up, we pick up messages from the world around us, to “be cool“, “stay calm & carry on“, “don’t show weakness or emotion“.

If you’ve ever been nervous, stressed or scared, you will have had experienced glimpses of your nervous system in action. You don’t necessarily need to have experienced big, obvious traumas. Perhaps you’ve been nervous about a job interview, asking someone out on a date, or getting up on stage in front of a crowd. We tend to experience the same sensations of jitteriness, shaky voice, getting sweaty, shaky hands, heat rising in our body, our heart beats faster and we might feel spaced out. These are all natural responses of the nervous system.

When our bodies are not able to discharge stress, tension or trauma naturally, this energy remains stored in the body and in our nervous systems where it can cause problems.

Scientific research now confirms that stress and trauma have clear biological effects on our bodies which can be carried in our genes through at least 3 generations.

This also means that despite the saying, time does not heal all wounds. The effects of stress and trauma remain in our bodies until we have dealt with them.



You will learn how to naturally

release years of stress and tension

and experience deep relaxation

TRE® is intended to be a self-help tool, that once learnt, you can use continuously throughout your life to help and support your wellbeing.

You will be shown 7 easy exercises that help to re-engage your own innate tremor mechanism.



Feel more grounded and connected to your body

Experience deep relaxation and more restful sleep

Feel calmer and more resilient in the face of stress

Experience relief from stress related pain and illness

Feel safer within yourself and more comfortable experiencing emotions as they arise

Experience healing of past trauma

Increased harmony in relationships

What’s Involved

Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises®


We teach TRE® in live, supervised classes on ZOOM. This is to ensure that you receive professional guidance, to help coach you to develop your self regulation, so that you can practise independently. 


You will be guided through a set of 7 easy exercises that will gently fatigue certain muscles to help re-engage your natural tremors. Once you get into regular practise you will no longer need the exercises and you will be able to simply work with the tremors.


Once you learn to tremor and self-regulate, you will have a technique that you can use for the rest of your life whenever you need to release stress and tension. It takes as little as 3-5 sessions to establish your own practise which you can do at home.


The great thing about TRE® is being able to practise it in my own home, it’s so simple, I don’t need any fancy equipment, I don’t need to think, and it’s so deeply relaxing. I’ve always struggled with things like meditation, but TRE® really helps me so I’m glad I found out about it!




How Long Is A Session?

When you first start practising TRE® you will guided through all the exercises and it will take between 60-75 minutes for a full session. 

Over time, as you practise regularly, you will no longer need to do all the exercises in order to tremor. This means that with experience, in your own practise at home, you could eventually do a 10 – 15 minutes session of tremoring instead of 1 hour, which is very convenient and easy to find time for in a day.

Is TRE® suitable for children?

Yes it is. TRE® is for anyone who has a body. We recommend that parents or guardians learn TRE® first before teaching their children. This is so that they can give the children valuable support and guidance at home. Practising TRE® together at home can be a beautiful experience for a family.

How Often Should We Practise TRE®?

To begin with, once you’ve established a regular practise with a certified provider, we recommend no more than 2-3 times a week, with only 10-15 minutes of actual tremoring and never two days in a row.

It’s important not to do too much when you first start practising. The reason for this is that we need to give ourselves time to gradually get used to tremoring. Just like you would open a shaken up bottle of soda slowly and gradually. We are often unaware of quite how much stress we have bottled up inside and nice and easy is the best approach.

What's The Difference Between TRE® and Yoga or Other Practises?

There are many forms of bodywork and exercise that have fantastic benefits for the body, wellbeing and that help create relaxation. Yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts are just a few. All of these require some degree of conscious effort to move the body.

The key difference is that TRE® is the only practise that gets straight to the nervous system, which is where all our stress responses are generated. 

The point of TRE® is not the actual exercises, so it’s not a form of fitness. The exercises are simply a means to help activate your tremors and once that’s happened, the point is to simply let your body tremor whenever it needs to release stress. This happens without conscious effort.

Because of this key difference, TRE® is a wonderful complement to all other forms of bodywork and exercise and can really enhance your other practises.

Can You Really Learn TRE® Online Using Zoom? Isn't It Better To Learn In Person?

Since the pandemic we’ve learnt how effective online/zoom classes of any sort can really be. Our friends and colleagues report the same thing with yoga or meditation classes.

Of course there are advantages to being in the same room, physical presence is itself a powerful thing. However, many people prefer the comfort of being able to do sessions in familiar and safe surrounds. It is also very convenient as there is no travel time involved.

A Certified TRE® Provider is trained to be able to read signs of grounding and stress in a student, which is why we take great care to ensure we have the right camera angles so that we can observe you attentively. 

How Many Classes Do I Need To Take? Can't I Just Do It On My Own At Home?

It is recommended that you do your first few sessions with a certified TRE® Provider before establishing your own practice at home.

The main reason for this is simply to receive proper coaching so that you can read your own signs of stress and grounding and to learn to follow your body. It is very much like having a driving instructor. 

Experiencing tremors for the first time is a bit weird, and if you’re not used to it, it can be a little ungrounding for some people. Most people haven’t experienced anything like it.

Having a trained TRE provider to coach you, helps you to get to know your body and your tremors and to make sure you are going at the appropriate pace for yourself. We are often tempted to go at things way too fast when left to our own devices. Slow and steady is the motto.  It will also ensure you establish a good foundation for your future practice.

Once you get used to tremoring — we can then start to guide you to move the tremors through your body and to release any blockages and tightness in your muscles.

As with all knowledge found in books and in videos, it’s one thing to read or watch and another to put into practice effectively.

Do You Ever Get To The Point That You No Longer Need To Tremor or Practise TRE®?

Sometimes people ask if there ever comes a point when you do TRE® and tremor all the stress out of your system and no longer need to do it.

As we experience even mild stress and excitement in the natural course of our daily lives, our bodies always have the need to discharge it.

Think of it like maintaining your drain pipes at home. If your nervous system is your drainage system, practising TRE® regularly is like making sure the pipes are clean so that the system works effectively.

Over time, we hope you will learn to notice and listen to when your body needs to release stress.

Are There Any Precautions?

Yes. The precautions are listed below. If you answer yes to any of them, it is advised that you do not do TRE® unless you have permission from your doctor or therapist to do so.

  • Pregnant – or chance you could be 
  • Recent injuries or surgeries still under physician’s care
  • Diagnosed with epilepsy or experience seizures/convulsions in you or your family
  • High or low blood pressure
  • Taking prescription medication, particularly for psychiatric conditions

Please get in touch with us directly if you have any questions.


I have found the experience of learning and practising TRE® regularly a really valuable tool for relaxation. It helps me sleep much more deeply and to calm me after a stressful day. I’d say I’m generally more grounded since I’ve started doing it and since the pandemic, it’s great to have a self help tool to deal with all the uncertainty and to feel more resilient.



Christine Wehrmeier

I am a globally certified TRE® provider with a background in psychology, bodywork and energy work and have been practising TRE® since 2019.

Before discovering TRE® I had suffered from acute lower back pain for 20 years, for which physiotherapy, osteopathy, regular sports massages, yoga and pilates never provided any long term relief. I often couldn’t sit at my desk and was stuck in bed for weeks at a time. My GP didn’t know what to do with me. I was told I could meet a back specialist to discuss spinal surgery as an option. I said no thank you. Something told me there must be something I could do — how was it that our ancestors survived without such treatments?

I tried TRE® just out of curiosity, not expecting any special results. Not only did I find it incredibly relaxing – but my back pain disappeared within weeks. It had been a result of years of tension stored in my psoas muscle, which would squash my spinal discs together like a clenched fist.

I also discovered that the inner spaciousness I felt after each session created healing from old emotional pain and trauma — much of which I didn’t realise I was still carrying until I felt its absence. TRE® worked in a way that psychotherapy and counselling hadn’t worked for me before.

The weird “auto immune diseases” which I would get every now and then also disappeared. The doctors never knew what they were, but I believe it was all stress related because I haven’t had any for several years now.

I have tried so many traditional and holistic therapies over the years in my desperation to find emotional and physical wellbeing and TRE® has been the most effective self-help tool I have discovered. I could finally stop the search. It’s so simple and natural, which is what I love.

My own journey with TRE® inspired me to train as a provider so I could share it with others too — every human being should know how amazing their body is and how we are equipped to release stress, we just need reminding.



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