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Intro to TRE® (3 Weeks)

2022 JANUARY 12, 19 & 26 – WEDNESDAYS 17:00 – 18:15

LOCATION:  Heillandi hugur – Fræðslu og heilsusetur, Hlíðarsmári 14 – Jarðhæð vinstri, Kópavogur. 

£90pp (approx ISK 15,500)

Limit 6 persons.

Lærðu að losa streitu náttúrulega og róa taugakerfið. 

Learn to release stress naturally and calm the nervous system with therapeutic tremoring. 

Mental health issues, stress and trauma are never just in the mind – they are a full body experience with the autonomic nervous system at the core. TRE helps people to calm the nervous system and release stress directly, by allowing the body to shake and tremor naturally – the way that our bodies are designed to – but that we have learnt to suppress.

The fact that we suppress our tremors and emotions is like blocking your drain pipes at home or the exhaust pipe on your car. It means stress has nowhere to go and builds up in the body as tension. It can overwhelm the nervous system. We are often unaware how much tension we are holding onto.

In these sessions, you will be guided closely to learn to re-engage your own natural tremors, build your self-awareness and learn to self-regulate. It’s a bit like driving lessons for your body.

Although we start with the TRE exercises, this is not about fitness and the point is not the exercises themselves.

The real point is to coach you to do what your body naturally does – tremoring is as natural as yawning.

TRE® is intended to be a self-help tool, that once learnt, you can use continuously throughout your life to release stress and to help support your wellbeing.

Some of the many benefits you may experience include:
– deep relaxation
– deeper more restful sleep
– feeling calmer and more resilient in the face of stress
– relief from stress related pain and illness
– feeling more grounded and alive
– healing from stress and trauma
– increased harmony in relationships and more

*These sessions are for your personal benefit and not a certification course.
** This course is intended for complete beginners, but you are also welcome to join if you have practised TRE before and would like a refresher.



The classes are intentionally kept to a maximum of 6 people so that we can maintain 2m distance and we keep windows open for ventilation.

In the event that new Covid restrictions come into place that mean we cannot meet in person, classes will be transferred to an online class held on Zoom at the same time/dates.

Alternatively you can transfer to another date (online or in person).


Join a class in Reykjavík & Capital Area

We also offer online courses so if you think you might prefer different times and the flexibility of online learning, please visit the main booking page.



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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: check ‘TRE’ stands for ‘Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises’  or ‘Trauma Releasing Exercises’ to access an ethical and responsible shaking model developed by TRE for All, Inc. A ‘total release event’ is likely to be a poor copy of TRE®

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